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hello, my name is
will kirk

creative designer

We make web series. They’re like little TV shows but with less people telling you what to do.

Finding Yeezus

HYDWP: Executive Producing, Directing & Distribution
Creators: Alexei Toliopoulos & Cameron James
Director: Max Miller
Distributor: Grouse House

FINDING YEEZUS is a six-part investigative comedy web-series starring comedians and pop-culture detectives Cameron James and Alexei Toliopoulos. The pair embark on an action-packed investigation to find out who made ‘Kanye Quest 3030’ – an infamous RPG game that went viral in 2013 after a hidden level was uncovered with potential links to the cult ‘ascensionism’.

Hug The Sun

HYDWP: Executive Producing & Distribution
Creators: Ben Russel & Xavier Michelides
Director: Aaron McCann
Distributor: Grouse House

Hug the Sun is a six-part Australian Dark Comedy Series, Created by and starring Australian Comedians Xavier Michelides and Ben Russell, about a children's television show based on the religious teachings of a fictional cult that worships the sun god, Oxtos, led by a leader known only as The Second Prophet Gary.

Hot Department: Dark Web

HYDWP: Executive Producing, Co-Production & Distribution
Creators: Hot Department
Director: Liam Fitzgibbon
Distributor: Grouse House

'Hot Department: Dark Web' is an eight-part Australian sketch comedy web-series made by Melbourne comedy duo Hot Department; Honor Wolff & Patrick Durnan Silva with Liam Fitzgibbon. Mixing sketch with mutual masturbation and musical theatre, Hot Department is a sexually dysfunctional comedy duo with deep trauma and a validation addiction. The series also features Michelle Brasier, and Rhys Nicholson.

Glennridge Secondary College

HYDWP: Writing, Producing, Directing, Composing & Performance
Creators: Aunty Donna
Director: Max Miller
Distributor: Aunty Donna Youtube

Created by Aunty Donna. With Broden Kelly, Zachary Ruane, Mark Samual Bonanno, Michelle Brasier & Mish Wittrup. Comedy group Aunty Donna present a sketch show set in Glennridge Secondary College, a quintessential Australian public school.