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The Grouse House distribution network is the home for funny Australian web series, videos and podcasts. Curated by HYDWP and Aunty Donna we made Grouse House to be a platform for artists to reach a comedy savvy audience.

The Footy with Broden Kelly

HYDWP: Production
Distribution: Grouse House
Platform: LISTNR
Hosts: Tom Armstrong & Broden Kelly

The Footy with Broden Kelly is a weekly podcast presented by Aunty Donna’s coolest, most salt of the earth member, Broden Kelly. This is a weekly show that covers footy, the weird topics happening around the footy, and stranger, stupider, more pointless points of discussion in the footy world. With absolutely zero footy talent and even less expertise, Kelly and his mate Tom chat about the weekly happenings of footy from outside the inner sanctum. With regular guests from the comedy world, this pod aims to be a home for the alternative footy fan.


Creators: Sam Campbell and Eric Hutton
Director: Sam Campbell and Eric Hutton
Distributor: Grouse House

Nippers is a four-part Australian web-series made by former cell-mates Sam Campbell and Eric Hutton. The show ran for approximately ten minutes per episode and was made on a fairly high budget of 85 million dollars an episode. The series features Joaquin Phoenix though he does not voice any characters or appear on screen. Each episode contains coded messages predicting the next four Australian Prime Ministers.

1800 Success

Creators: Henry Stone, Aaron Chen & Johnathon Lo
Director: Henry Stone
Distributor: Grouse House

'1800 Success' is a three-part web-series by Sydney-based comedians Aaron Chen, Jonathan Lo, and Henry Stone. The series - originally released on ABC in 2016 - follows Aaron and Jon on a downward spiral from 'pub raffle fortune' to 'dumpster diving poverty'.