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hello, my name is
will kirk

creative designer

We do commercials. If you want to sell something using a funny video then you’ve come to the right place.
We’re also flexible. We can produce the whole project in house or you can pick’n’mix from our team of directors, performers, writers, composers and producers.


Client: Coles
Agency: Smith St.
HYDW: Production & Directing
Director: Max Miller

To promote the exciting new range of offers within the COLES app, HYDW brought to life the Smith St. creative vision of unsuspecting character’s getting their world’s livened up by Coles Team Members.


Client: Lego
Agency: Lego
HYDW: Writing, Co-Production, Directing & VO
Director: Max Miller

Achieving over 5.5 million views online, HYDWP co-produced, wrote and directed a comedy web series for LEGO to promote the launch of the 2023 Sonic range.

Playstation vr2

Client: Playstation VR2
Agency: Poem
HYDW: Production, Writing, Directing & Performance
Director: Max Miller
Writer: Sam Lingham

To celebrate the launch of the next generation of virtual reality gaming, the PlayStation®VR2, creative PR agency Poem has created an earned-first campaign spearheaded by a content piece featuring Aussie larrikin comedians, TV and social media stars, Aunty Donna.

Heaps Normal

Client: Heaps Normal
HYDW: Production, Writing & Directing
Director: Mark Samual Bonanno
Writer: Mark Samual Bonanno

Heaps Normal has put a twist on the advertising staple of beer brands using music to promote Australia’s drinking culture.The alcohol-free beer brand has called on Panda Candy and Mark Bonanno from Aunty Donna to create the track. The crew behind Heaps Normal said they were looking to upend the “traditional blokey drinking song” by focussing on a more contemporary array of Aussie beer drinkers.


Client: Samsung
Agency: Leo Burnett
HYDW: Writing, Directing & Performance
Director: Max Miller
Writers: Sam Lingham, Broden Kelly, Mark Samual Bonanno & Zachary Ruane
Composer: Tom Armstrong

Samsung has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign from Leo Burnett, poking fun at not-so-subtle sponsored posts from influencers.The campaign highlights the features of the Samsung Galaxy A, while simultaneously poking fun at how influencers create content for brands.